Research Data Site for Wood Stoves

Here's the place you can post your favorite wood burning stove and also information on how to build and where to get supplies.
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Research Data Site for Wood Stoves

Post by zelph » Thu Jan 21, 2016 1:13 pm

Thanks to Mr. Heater for this link to some good research information from the world leaders on wood stove design for third world countries.

I have gleaned some useful information from this link.

Here is some info that I had posted here a few years back along with a link:

Dear Friends,

I was typing up Larry's latest simple stove principles for Aprovecho's

newsletter, "News From Aprovecho", (two to three times a year, $30/year,

describes activity, I'm editing number 59) and thought I'd send it along.

Reflecting on the Rocket I might point out a interesting point: no secondary

air. I've tried adding heated secondary air into the top end of the internal

chimney above the combustion chamber but haven't noticed an improvement in

amount of smoke or in fuel efficiency. I ended up thinking that enough

primary air is left at the top of the combustion zone anyway. Adding air may

just reduce temperatures. I'll test this further with better equipment.

The Rocket stove is trying to create supportive conditions for complete

initial combustion which seems to pretty much work when the right amount of

fuel is introduced. The added draft created by the insulated chimney above

the fire pulls in lots of air, which like a fan, makes a hotter, vigorous

burn. ... iples.html


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Re: Research Data Site for Wood Stoves

Post by David Jackson » Wed Mar 02, 2016 11:07 am

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