Wood Burning Pots made clean

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Re: Wood Burning Pots made clean

Post by zelph » Sun Feb 05, 2017 7:59 pm

[quote="HolisticAdvocateUS"]As a young boy scout and first time participant of an overnight/weekend outing in the great outdoors, I was inducted into the fascinating activity of camp cookery clean up.
As one of the newest members I was taken by the hand and walked thru the essentials of cleaning up after a meal was consumed.
Burning up trash (and burning out cast iron skillets, then seasoning them before putting away) were just a couple of secrets I learned.
I also learned how to prepare the cookware before it was used in the fire so that when you cleaned up all you had to do was wipe the outside with a wet, soapy rag and the aluminum pots and pans would shine as if they were new.
Dried with a paper towel, that was then thrown in the fire, and they were ready to be put away.

What was that great secret that allowed this easy clean up?
A small container of dish soap.
If dish soap is applied to the bottom and sides of the aluminum cookware before it is used on the fire (or coals) there is no problem cleaning off the smoke and soot that stains it.
The soap creates a protective film that is easily wiped off after the cooking is over and before the cookware is put away.
Apply dish soap each time, before the cookware is used, and you will never have to work hard to get the "tools of the food" shinny again.[/quotThe application of liquid soap to pots and pans is such an easy fix for the cleaning of pot bottoms and sides. Once learned, you'll be sure to use the method always.

Many of my tests are spur of the moment out in the garage or greenhouse. Laziness to go into the house for the soap is my downfall. Laziness is my downfall for a lot of things :oops:

Thank you for your comment "HolisticAdvocateUS"

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