Frogs frogs and more frogs

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Re: Frogs frogs and more frogs

Post by zelph » Thu Apr 18, 2013 10:29 pm

No River Chicken :(

I was tempted to catch a few hundred carp that were spawning in a small oxbow creek that fed into the ohio river. The bank was way to steep for my liking so I passed on the idea. While I was watching them with my binocs I saw a Kingfisher bird swoop down and catch a large minnow and take it up onto a nearby limb and chow down. Nice nature area that I was in. Long hike to get there but worth it.

I could here some River Chicken in the evenings, but never saw any.

I went down as far saouth as I could drive in IL to a town by the name of Cairo. We crossed over a bride there that went over the Mississippi River got on the other side(Misouri) and turned around and went back over the bridge and as soon as we got on the other side we made a right turn and drove a block or two and we were driving over another bridge that crossed over the Ohio River and went into Kentucky. It was cool to be at the junction of the big muddy and the Ohio and see both from on top of a bride. It was a sunny day and the temps got up to 85* that day. fishing was done. By the time I got all my stuff and my wifes stuff stuffed into our small toyota there was no room for fishing stuff. At the time of stuffing I could not remember where in the garage my mini-cast was. Only after I came back did I find it on a shelf in the garage. :roll:

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