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Remote Simmer Control

Posted: Tue May 27, 2008 6:13 pm
by zelph
I bought some wooden ring craft things ;) at the thrift store for 19 cents each. I wanted the screw and brackets that make the thing work. The hardware is brass and stainless steel. I used a drill bit to drill out the eyelets that hold the hardware to the wooden rings.

Two sets of hardware are needed. One set I remove the threaded brass insert to use as a nut on the knurled thumb screw. I drilled a hole in the knurled thumb screw and inserted a length of stainless steel rope/cable and put the JB weld toit.

I used JB weld to attach the brackets to the aluminum ring that will close off the holes around a stove.

The remote simmer device can be used on stoves such as the Brasslite, Catfood Can Stove, and maybe Kitten Stove made by Skids. It can also be used in other applications where a slide action is needed. Use your imagination. The burner used with the Caldera Cone may also be a candidate for this type of control.

I made a quick movie to show how it works:



Wood Rings w/hardware---------------JB welded----------------------Closed position-----------------Open position