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Announcement: CULT

Post by zelph » Sat Dec 03, 2011 1:53 pm

My friend Tinny published a video that was influenced by a conversation we had while exchanging e-mails. The comments made on the video seemed to indicate that most people were not aware fully how tinny got to using the term CULT in the way he does.

On Monday I'll try to give some insight on how the term cult came into being.

After I have presented the information there will be another thread opened for discussion of the facts presented. The original thread will remain locked.

I ask that no one start a thread relating to this subject.

Those that are sensitive to this typoe of discussion I recommend not opening the thread.

This subject was brought into the publics view via the internet on youtube and will be on the opening page of my discussion.

This site is backpacking oriented and so is Minnibulldesign.comCULT Both have emphasis on "stoves" :D

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