Bodum Stainless Steel Mug Coffee Press

What have you found in the thrift stores that you can modify or use as is?
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Bodum Stainless Steel Mug Coffee Press

Post by realityguy » Thu Apr 21, 2011 11:04 pm

Saw this earlier and finally figured out what it was,how it worked,etc...went back and got it..

Bodum coffee(tea/soup/etc...wild nettles for tea :roll: ) press for ANY mug(..or pan..rests on the edge with the rubber ring's notches)..All stainless steel and unbreakable..everything comes apart for packing..2-1/4" x5"(not including flex rubber ring).By the time I got back to get it,the plastic cup was gone..I'll look again tomorrow..I don't need it.Without it,the package weighs 135 grams..$4.
The Bodum retail link is posted on zelph's current "cup stove" thread...
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