Post your new stove ideas here! All stoves welcome.
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zelph wrote:
pengnatck wrote:So zelph, here is the can with the valve popped out. I used a church key around the outside lip of the valve which was just curled over the lip on the can w/ a rubber washer in between. Then pinched out the valve w/ pliers.

{Woah sorry, I can't seem to control Image size, for some reason it's cut my image in half too}

This is starting to look a lot harder than I thought. I just thought it would be fun to try something that not a lot of people are doing. All I see is alcohol can stoves (which I have made a fair share) and I'm bored with those.
The opening is huge!!!! yikes. Tell us more about a self pressurizing stove. What have you learned about them since you saw one being used on a hike.

Oops, what can you tell us about them.

How do you get them to get fuel up to the jet? What pressurizes them? sounds interesting. I always thought white gas stoves had to be pumped. What's the secret to these self pressurizing stoves.
If you made it a coil stove it ok but make it pressure not safe now the burner tube needs a rolled up screew in it or a good tight wick with a burner plate to spread the flame also the heat that gets the tube hot makes the whit gas pressure in the tank it will need a pressure releave vavle if it was me i not try it the tank could blow on pressure its not made for hi pressure make it a alcohol stove type lot safer
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