The PMS Stove

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The PMS Stove

Post by Skidsteer » Mon Oct 01, 2007 9:36 pm

PMS Stove :

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I have a modest inventory in stock. The PMS Stove is an ultra lightweight, simple design that is ideal for cookpot sizes ranging from four to six inches in diameter.

Specifications and features:

-Weighs eight grams. :o
-Fuel capacity is one fluid ounce.
-Absolutely no priming required. You can light the stove with the pot on top and it will come to full 'bloom' in about thirty seconds unassisted.
-No epoxy or tape.
-Stove and stand in one convenient, compact package. Super easy to store in your cookpot along with the rest of your kit.

Bench tests: *

-Half ounce denatured boils 16 oz. water in 6:17 with an additional boil/simmer time of 1:35.
-One ounce denatured boils 16 oz. water in 5:50 with an additional boil/simmer time of 8:36.
-One ounce denatured boils 32 oz. water in 10:34 with an additional boil/simmer time of 4:37.

*These are bench test results under optimum conditions. A good windscreen and experience with your kit under adverse conditions is invaluable in the 'real world' of hiking. Practice, practice, practice!


$12.00 + $5.00 shipping and handling anywhere in the continental U.S.A.



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